In accordance with the clubs by laws all official positions become vacant at the AGM. It is important that we have new people join the committee so that new ideas are raised and implemented for the successful running of our club.

2018/19 Committee

Position Name Telephone Email
President Scott Kitto 0433 331 931
Vice President Glen Strike
Secretary Kate Armstrong
Treasurer Stephen Butcher 0410 494 158
Registrar Kelly Thompson 0418 250 214
Officer for Age Managers Aaron Whelan
Officer for Canteen/Catering Vacant    
Officer for Championships Glen Strike
Officer for Coaching and Education Vacant    
Officer for Equipment Ray Berwick
Officer for Grounds and Maintenance
Lorenzo Bergamin
Officer for Officials Vacant    
Officer for Publicity/Newsletters Vacant    
Officer for Records & Rankings Zsuzsanna Varga-Strike
Officer for Sponsorship David Smith 0407 954 645
Officer for Uniforms Chris Olson
Officer for First Aid Luke Gemmell
Public Officer Steve Butcher
Officer for Working with Children Vacant    
Results HQ Administration Dan O’Shea
Officer for Technical Development Paul Kennedy
General Committee Regi George
General Committee Vince Di Fabrizio
General Committee Craig McCaffray
General Committee Dave Beacroft
General Committee Todd Scicluna
Website Administrator Peter Hewitson 0419 421 502