Centre Awards

These are our ‘Major Centre Awards’ which are presented to athletes during the Centre Presentation Day each season.

Spirit of Little Athletics Award

The Spirit of Little Athletics Award is an annual award presented to the athlete who is considered to best demonstrate the qualities outlined below. Any athlete can be nominated to receive the Award and the Committee will determine the individual athlete who best meets the criteria.

· True Sportsmanship

· 100% effort at all times

· Rarely misses a Friday competition night at Quakers Hill LAs

· May have represented QHLAC in the Zone or other competitions

· Regularly attends Training nights

· Competes in all events and strives to do their best

· Always competes fairly and in the best interests of the LAs

· Is courteous, well mannered and polite to fellow athletes, the Age Manager and other parents

· Respects and accepts any judgements or decisions made by the Age Manager or other Officials; and

· Is a role model for other children in the group and the club, someone the other children look up to for inspiration and motivation

Spirit of Little Athletics Award Winners
Centre Champion Award

The Centre Champion award is awarded to the athlete who attains the highest results through the Zone, Region and State Championships. For the 2014/15 Season a new award system was put in place to allocate points through these championships events.

· Therefore, if an athlete performs consistently in a number of events across all the Championship levels this will be reflected in the number of points they will receive. The points start at 12 for 1st in the Zone, followed by 10 for 2nd on a sliding scale down to 1 for participating and completing in an event. For the region, these points have a weighting of 1.5 and for the State a weighting of 2. Lastly to be eligible for these awards you must have attended at least 60% of the Friday running nights for the season.

· These awards are now presented to athletes in the Junior and Senior categories;

Junior Champion – 7-12 years

Senior Champion- 13-17 years

More details can be found in our Centre Handbook under ‘Awards Schemes’.

Centre Champion Award Winners

Congratulations to all past and present Awards Winners.