Centre Awards

These are our ‘Major Centre Awards’ which are presented to athletes during the Centre Presentation Day each season.

Spirit of Little Athletics Award

The Spirit of Little Athletics Award is an annual award presented to the athlete who is considered to best demonstrate the qualities outlined below. Any athlete can be nominated to receive the Award and the Committee will determine the individual athlete who best meets the criteria.

  • True Sportsmanship
  • 100% effort at all times
  • Rarely misses a Friday competition night at Quakers Hill LAs
  • May have represented QHLAC in the Zone or other competitions
  • Regularly attends Training nights
  • Competes in all events and strives to do their best
  • Always competes fairly and in the best interests of the LAs
  • Is courteous, well mannered and polite to fellow athletes, the Age Manager and other parents
  • Respects and accepts any judgements or decisions made by the Age Manager or other Officials; and
  • Is a role model for other children in the group and the club, someone the other children look up to for inspiration and motivation
1993-1994Dean Spackman
1994-1995Chris Grima
1995-1996Elisabeth Owens
1996-1997Karen McEvoy
1997-1998Tanya Camilleri
1998-1999Brendan Burton
1999-2000Emiyu Park
2000-2001Vibhav Shirali
2001-2002Isobel Hazell
2002-2003Samantha Sahni
2003-2004Elizabeth Nguyen
2004-2005Prishen Naidoo
2005-2006Zoe Victoria
2006-2007Teagan Burton
2007-2008Natalie Mangion
2008-2009Matt Elliott
2009-2010Courtney Turner – Seymour
2010-2011James Bergamin
2011-2012Alexander Thompson
2012-2013Emma Vandermeel
2013-2014Christopher Wicks
2014-2015Joshua Hinzmann
2015-2016Luis IV Magsanoc
2016-2017Tim Leask
2017-2018Abi Thompson
2018-2019Zsofia Varga-Strike
2019-2020Chloe Kennedy
2020-2021Emma Hoskins
2021-2022Matilda Oxley

Centre Champion Award

The Centre Champion award is awarded to the athlete who attains the highest results through the Zone, Region and State Championships. For the 2014/15 Season a new award system was put in place to allocate points through these championships events.

Therefore, if an athlete performs consistently in a number of events across all the Championship levels this will be reflected in the number of points they will receive. The points start at 12 for 1st in the Zone, followed by 10 for 2nd, 3rd-8, 4th-6, 5th-5, 6th-4, 7th-3, 8th-2, to 1 for participating and completing in an event. For the region, these points have a weighting of 1.5 and for the State a weighting of 2. To be eligible for these awards you must have attended at least 60% of the Friday running nights for the season. If the highest scoring athlete fails to qualify for State Championships, and another athlete finishes in top 3 in an event at State Championships, then this will nullify the points total.

Points Champion Award

Introduced in the 2020-2021 season, the Points Champion award is awarded on the same points score method to determine each age group Champion. Each age champion has their points divided by total number of their available events to determine the highest average point scorer of all age groups in their category.

Both Centre Champion and Points Champion awards are now presented to athletes in the Junior and Senior categories;

Junior Champion – 7-12 years
Senior Champion- 13-17 years

SeasonCentre ChampionSenior Centre ChampionJunior Centre ChampionSenior Points ChampionJunior Points Champion
1993-1994Emma Gilbert
1994-1995Emma Gilbert
1995-1996Sam Kirby
1996-1997Sam Kirby
1997-1998Scott Burns
1998-1999Sarah Mackney
1999-2000Satwinder Dhaliwal
2000-2001Gerard McCallum
2001-2002Julian Rojas
2002-2003Ashley Hanly
2003-2004Sarpong Kwakwa
2004-2005Dilshen Mooneesamy
2005-2006Dilshen Mooneesamy
2006-2007Tyler Sparks
2007-2008Tyler Sparks
2008-2009Tyler Sparks
2009-2010Lauren Berwick
2010-2011Tim Simmons
2011-2012Tim Simmons
2012-2013Alexander Thompson
2013-2014Alexander Thompson
2014-2015Alexander ThompsonPeter Elliott
2015-2016Alexander ThompsonPeter Elliott
2016-2017Mitchell FraserPeter Elliott
2017-2018Mitchell FraserTia Matthews
2018-2019Chloe KennedyThomas Varga-Strike
2019-2020Jamie KennedyMia Robson
2020-2021Isaac BeacroftJeremiah-Xyndel TatupuMatilda OlsonLilly Huang
2021-2022Isaac BeacroftJeremiah-Xyndel TatupuMatilda OlsonAmelia Oxley


Star Awards

Star Awards

The STAR AWARDS system provides athletes with goals to aim for during the season based on well-developed performance standards. It also rewards athletes for their attendance, improvement and achievement. Athletes may obtain up to five Stars in a season. The Stars may be displayed on their Centre Uniform….

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Boys Star Award Achievment
Girls Star Award Achievement

Below is a list of the STARS athletes have achieved. Be sure to keep on claiming your awards and look to find your name on the Achievement list.