Athletics is not a team-based sport that demands teamwork and knowing the game plan to get selection on to the team. It is mainly a sport for individuals competing against Themselves, trying to improve their personal best effort each week.

On a running night, there is not enough time to teach anything but the necessary skills. And some of the age managers are parents with limited knowledge of track and field events.

Coaching will develop useful skills and eliminate incorrect technique.

Children will pick up hints by watching others and copying, and these often need to be unlearnt.

Parents, age managers and officials will learn more about events, and this will help the club and the children as well.

As a club, we offer training for athletes in U9-U17 Age Groups. Days and Times TBA

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Our training is flexible and offers an extensive range of Track and Field disciplines:

  • Running
  • Hurdles
  • Sprinting
  • Long and Triple Jump
  • Throwing Events – includes Discus and Shot Put

In this time, your child will learn the basics of each event. Specific event-related coaching will also be available.

Parents are required to remain at the venue while training is being conducted.